Bible Nakedness – Exposed Thighs and Waist

Bible nakedness Exposed thighs and waist. Christian men and women have lost their ability to blush and think nothing about exposing their bodies private areas.


The bare leg and uncovered thigh is regarded by God as nakedness and is a cause for shame. (The thigh is the leg area between the knee and the hip.)


In Exodus God identifies nakedness in the male priest as being the uncovered thighs and waist.

And thou shalt make them linen breeches to cover their NAKEDNESS FROM THE LOINS EVEN UNTO THE THIGHS they shall reach; Exodus 28:42

Neither shalt thou go up by steps unto mine altar, that thy nakedness be not discovered thereon. Exodus 20:26

God instructed the priest in modesty so that as he ascended the steps of the altar to exercise care that the naked areas of his body (thighs and waist) are not revealed.


Another example of bare legs and uncovered thighs being nakedness and a cause for shame.

Take the millstones, and grind meal: uncover thy locks, MAKE BARE THE LEG, UNCOVER THE THIGH, pass over the rivers.



In John 21:7 it says that Peter was out in water in the fishing boat naked. He was in his undergarments and only in the company of other men which was acceptable. However, when he saw Jesus standing on the shore he wished to go to him so he put on his tunic to cover his nakedness. He did not want to be seen naked in public though he was wearing his undergarments.


A person who professes godliness should ensure that their naked body areas from where the knee ends to the waist be covered at all times and in all situations.

So when we wear those shorts or skirts above the knee, according to God’s standards, we are exposing our nakedness. These are sexual areas of our bodies which ought only to be visible to our spouses.

And those tank tops exposing our armpits, shoulders and cleavage, reveal body areas too close to our breasts and should be cause for blush.

Sadly, the problem of immodesty has affected Christians and has crept into the church. Participating in a sporting event or visiting a bathing beach does not change immodesty into modesty. Even hot weather does not make immodesty modest.