Adventist Logo Change

Adventist Logo Change

Adventist Logo 666
Adventist Logo 666

Notice the 666

Original Logo

The 3 Angels are gone!

Many Adventists don’t even realize that our church logo has been changed. That’s right. Back in 1996, the leaders of our church voted to DITCH the distinct three angels logo, in favor of a logo that would be more acceptable to the churches of Babylon and the world. And in doing this, our leaders were showing that they were also DITCHING the three angels messages themselves. THEY’VE GIVEN US A PYRAMID!

The Inverted Cross

Notice the Inverted Cross of Baal

Because we know there is a sphere and then fill it in, and then stretch out the “trails of the 3 angels”, MAGICALLY a very familiar symbol appears.  This symbol is called by some, the winged sun. 

The Winged Sun

Many corporate symbols use it such as Chrysler, Mini Cooper, US Airforce, etc.  This symbol represents Horus which in one of his forms is an Egyptian sun god.

This is what Wikipedia says about the winged sun:
“The winged sun is a symbol (sometimes known as Behedeti, a name of Horus[citation needed]) associated with divinity, royalty and power in the Ancient Near East (Egypt, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, and Persia). The symbol has also been found in the records of ancient cultures residing in various regions of South America as well as Australia.

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The winged sun is symbolic also of the “eternal soul”. When placed above the temple doors it serves as a reminder to the people of their supposed eternal nature.

We should be asking ourselves, ‘why is a Christian ministry using symbols connected with ancient Egyptian Sun worship?’ (Sunday worship)

Adventist Logo Change

The “All Seeing Eye of “Lucifer”

Above we can clearly see the pyramid with the “all seeing eye of Lucifer”. Again we ask the question: Why is there all this satanic symbolism included in our church’s logo? Why was the 3 Angels’ logo removed?

“That night I dreamed that I was in Battle Creek looking out from the side glass at the door and saw a company marching up to the house, two and two. They looked stern and determined. I knew them well and turned to open the parlor door to receive them, but thought I would look again. The scene was changed. The company now presented the appearance of a Catholic procession. One bore in his hand a cross, another a reed. And as they approached, the one carrying a reed made a circle around the house, saying three times: ‘This house is proscribed. The goods must be confiscated. They have spoken against our holy order.” (E.White, Testimonies for the Church, Volume 1, p.578)

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